Our Story

The Les Reinford family had served in Haiti from 1997-1999 and returned to the States with a love for the Haitian people and a desire to help them… We never dreamed of starting a children’s home, but did consider raising several children to be missionaries to their own people. We returned to Haiti in 2003 for another term of service with that desire on our hearts, but we continued to wait on God to reveal His will in the area of taking children in. Several months after our return to Haiti, God  brought 3 babies to us all in 1 month – 2 were motherless and the 3rd was born to a mother that was mentally incapacitated… We welcomed them with open arms and cared for them until political turmoil in 2004 prompted us to return to the States. We placed the children in the care of a Christian friend and continued to support them over the next year and a half. In September of 2005 we made a long term commitment to the children as we realized that if we wanted to see them raised to serve the Lord and their own people, we were going to have to take a more active role in their lives. Within 2 weeks after we made that commitment, God brought another motherless baby, and to us it was a direct confirmation that God was in this. We have had so many like confirmations in the years since… God has blessed us in so many ways… In 2007 we were able to purchase 12 acres of land about 3 miles from Allegre where we were living. We were able to build that same year, and moved into the finished house in the spring of 2008.

Our journey has had its mountain top and valley experiences. It was a major blow to all of us when “Mom” (Kathy) died unexpectedly in the fall of 2009.  She carried a lot of the vision for the work in Haiti in her heart, and also held a very special place in the hearts of the children. We miss her input on our lives and in the work in Haiti greatly as we seek to carry on the work that was so dear to her heart… The Lord blessed us in 2010 when Les married Ida Troyer. Every time “Mom Ida”  comes to Haiti, she leaves a little more of her heart here. She is a big support and is committed to helping carry on the work… 

Spring of 2015 brought more changes when Andy & Bev Faller joined the field staff as farm managers. They are kept busy getting supplies and working alongside the boys expanding the agricultural program. 

We don’t know the road ahead, but we are committed to the cause, and we know that the God who has brought us this far will continue to reveal His will to us, step by step.  We do covet your prayers!!!

A note from Rhonda:
    I have been in Haiti permanently since 2007 filling the place as “Mom” to the children. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and to have them be a part of mine! God has blessed us with a wonderful school teacher, support, and help around the house in the form of, Loretta Putt. Karen Wolf also puts in many months of the year helping out with the teaching since all 11 are in school. We’ve also had other short term helpers at different times. We have a Haitian girl that helps out with the cooking, cleaning and laundry 5 days a week. Life here is very challenging, sometimes discouraging, and not always fun, but it’s very rewarding at the same time! One question I often hear is: “How do you do it?”  The only answer I can give is that I firmly believe that what God calls a person to do, He definitely provides all the grace and strength necessary to fulfill it…