Our Story

New Horizons Children’s Home, located in the rural mountains of rugged Haiti, is a vision and a dream that God has brought to existence one step at a time, in ways one never could have imagined, leading and guiding where one never could have guessed.

The Les Reinford family had served in Haiti from 1997 through 1999. They returned to the States with a deep love for the Haitian people and a desire to help them, realizing that maybe God had more work for them there in the future. They had never dreamed of starting a children’s home, but did consider raising several children to be missionaries to their own people. The Reinfords returned to Haiti in 2003 for another term of service with that desire on their hearts, but continued to wait on God to reveal His will in the area of taking children in. Several months after their return to Haiti, God brought 3 babies to them, all in one month’s time. Two of the infants were motherless, and the third was born to a mother that was mentally incapable. Seeing this as God’s leading, they welcomed them with open arms and cared for them until political turmoil in 2004 prompted the family to return to the States. They placed the children in the care of a native Christian friend and continued to support them over the next year and a half.

In September of 2005, a long term commitment to the children was made, as the Reinford family realized they would need to take a more active role in the children’s lives; their vision was to see the children raised to serve the Lord and their own people. Within 2 weeks after making that commitment, God brought another motherless baby to them, bringing the number of children to four. This was a direct confirmation that God was in this. Many more confirmations followed in the coming years. Children in need came, most of whom had been left motherless at birth, or soon after. Children that were in desperate situations without hope were literally given a new horizon in life because of God’s guidance and provision.

God has blessed the home in so many ways... In 2007 they were able to purchase 9 acres of land on the mountain top, about 3 miles from where they had been living. Later that same year, they were able to build, and moved into the finished house in the spring of 2008. Later, God again provided additional land which today brings the total to 13.5 acres on which to grow gardens, raise animals, and provide for the needs of the children.

By 2010, there were 11 children at the home. The vision was to provide a home instead of an institution and in keeping with this, the Reinford family stopped accepting requests to take in more children. Rather, they passed the requests on to other interested families who also carried a similar burden for the children of Haiti.

Meanwhile, God continued to arrange and direct in life’s circumstances. In 2007, Les & Kathy’s daughter Rhonda became primary caregiver for the children. They delightfully and gratefully call her their mom. In 2009, Kathy, the wife and mother of the Reinford family, passed away unexpectedly. This brought some abrupt, unexpected changes to the family and to the children in Haiti. The work in Haiti had been very dear to her and she carried a vision for it constantly. God again provided, and in 2010, Les married Ida Troyer. The work in Haiti continued as she joined the family and the vision for the future and care of the children in Haiti.

Today, with thanksgiving and praise, it is very exciting to see how God has led in the past 15 years. Rose, at 24, is the oldest of the children. She graduated from school in 2018 and spent 18 months serving at a mission clinic 3 hours away. Rose is now at home again and in yet another new phase of life as she is courting a Christian young man. She works for a missionary family five days a week.

The other children are still in school. Loretta Putt and Karen Wolf spending many, many hours in the school room teaching. Jared, Bethany, and Michael are 17 years old, Rachel is 15, Cherlise and Kenneth are 14, Jonathan is 13, Janelle and Elaine are 12, Weston is 10. The children have many varied interests, from gardening and raising animals, to sewing and baking. Music, reading, creative projects and inventions help to keep this household busy. The youthful energy is sought to be channeled with purpose in God’s ways.

God’s grace and strength has been real, and in the words of Rhonda:

“We don’t know the road ahead, but we are committed to the cause. We know that God Who has brought us this far will continue to reveal His will to us, step by step. I feel so blessed to be a part of [the children’s] lives and to have them a part of mine! God has blessed us with wonderful school teachers, support, and help around the house in the form of Loretta and Karen. Life here is very challenging, sometimes discouraging, and not always fun, but it’s very rewarding at the same time! One question I often hear is ‘How do you do it?’ The only answer I can give is that I firmly believe that what God calls a person to do, He definitely provides all the grace and strength necessary to fulfill it....”

May the Lord continue to accomplish His will and may His Name be glorified!